AlgaeFree Specialty Pool Chemicals

Products by AlgaeFree Australia offer superior quality water treatment.  AlgaeFree produces the world’s best performing solid tablet algicide, high strength liquid algicide and stain removers

Pool Blocks

Known as the world’s best performing algaecide puck – Pool Blocks all seasons algicide is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algicide suitable for all chlorine, salt water, ozone and ultraviolet treated pools.

Eliminating all forms of green, mustard and blackspot algae long term to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments. 

Using one block in the skimmer per month prevents and eliminates algae all season long. Pool care made simple while saving you money.

Pool Drops

Pool Drops is an extra strength, long term algicide compatible with salt water, ozone, ultraviolet and chlorine pools.

Eliminating all forms of green, mustard and blackspot algae long term to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments.

Using Pool Drops regularly stops your pool from turning green when chlorine levels fall.  Making pool care simple while saving you money.


SPOTBLOC is a unique spot stain removal chalk that dissolves metal and organic stains from underwater surfaces.  Ideal for removing the waterline scum mark or any other underwater spot stains.  SPOTBLOC is a blend of special acids and chelating agents with Block Technology.

SeriouStain Remover

Heavy Duty SeriouStain Remover eliminates mineral discolouration and organic stains from pools & spa surfaces without draining the water. Potent organic acids combined with powerful chelating agents dissolve mineral stains such as iron, calcium, manganese etc. Plus stains from algae, dead blackspot, leaves and other organic material are also removed. It is a DIY pool treatment suitable for all vinyl, fibreglass, concrete and pebblecrete pool & spa surfaces.



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