The Only Retro-Fit Light For 6″ Niches You Will Ever Need

Universal 6" Replacement Pool Light

Designed to retro-fit all major brand 6" niches (from 4.75-5.2" & 5.8-6.6").

The Retro R6 Series unique Universal Adaptor locks into existing niches for a secure fit, and the Interchangeable CAM-LOCKs allow the Retro R6 to suit any niche, from 4.75-5.2″ & *5.8-6.6″ (*Requires Q500 adaptor feet – sold separately).


Retro-Fit 6″ Niches In Any Condition

Multiple Installation Options
With the Retro R6 Universal Adaptor

Interchangeable CAM-LOCK System

Simple and adaptable, the R6 bracket has been designed to include interchangeable CAM-LOCKS to suit any 6″ niche. There’s no need for expensive repair work, as Retro R6’s Universal Adaptor doesn’t rely on intact niche mounting hooks or screws for installation.

It’s patent-pending CAM-LOCKS grip the niche as they’re fitted, pulling the light and niche together for a secure fit.

Vinyl trim rings are now available to ensure a seamless fit on the pool wall of any application. 

Standard Installation

Standard Installation if the existing niche mounting hooks and screws are intact, Retro R6 supports standard installation via the HOOK TAB at the base and the front facing screw at the top.

The HOOK TAB at the base adjusts to suit all major brand niche tabs, without the need for extra washers or spacers.

Quick Connect Plug

No More Pulling Cables During Installation or Servicing

Say goodbye to changing cables forever with Retro R6’s Quick Connect Plug. Connecting to the existing pool light cable in the niche, the UL Listed Quick Connect Plug ensures fast and reliable installation while also enabling easier future servicing in the field.

Extra Safe Low Voltage 12VAC

The UL Listed Quick Connect Plug power offers safe low voltage connection for all pool users as well as for future servicing. Simply install a transformer for conversion.

(IMPORTANT! A transformer is required when replacing high voltage lights.  We recommend the LVX Transformer)

Built to last

‘Super Cool’ Technology For Maximum Performance

Designed By Builders For Builders

Engineered for Durability and Brightness

The Retro R6 provides superior illumination to deliver a lighting solution for your pool or spa.  The forward-facing Heat Sync along with the slim design and modern profile, maximize the longevity and performance of the light. Available in MULTI PLUS.





Technical Specifications

LED Colors

MULTI PLUS RGB+W 1000 lumen

MULTI PLUS Compatibility

Wall Switch Operation and all major pool controller brands including: Pentair IntelliTouch®, Haward Omnilogic®, Aqualink®

Niche Compatibility

All Brand 6″ Niches providing the diameter is 4.75″ – 5.2″ or *5.8″ – 6.6″ (Q500 CAM-LOCKS are required for these dimensions) PN: R6C 006 Q5

Cable Compatability

Up to 12AWG size

IP Rating


Installation Types



10.5 to 13 v AC


15 watts

Ambient Operating Temperature

41 °F to +104 °F


Requires 12V AC UL listed transformer. We recommend LVX Series Transformers


3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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